German from Berlin

Sing along German from Berlin

Brothers and sisters, please sit down, shut up and listen. First, my name is Referant Johnson and I wonna tell you a story. So see! When I was a young man I got no job, I got no money, I got no flat and I got no wings to spreat. And so I walked througt the streets of (I think you call it charlottenburg, is it right?) and I must say, nothing happens. And I was very very frustated I think you can imagin and then I came down to kreuzberg, also nothing happens. Then finaly, I came down to rudow, i think it´s in the south of the city and I must say it was a very very deep impressing moment when I suddenly saw him, HALLELUJAH! our big leader Jesus yeah! And so I get down on my knees but he said to me: Stand up, I know what your problems are. But listen boy, all you have to do is: You must go right through the mysterius, juicy, sweety -how should I put it - holy whole. Now listen to our singer Referant Stulle.

I found my freedom at rudow-hill

He found his freedom at prenzlauer-hill

(right behind the iron vorhang)

He knocked and I said to him: please come in.

(Sit down and have a cup of tea)

Jesus, please tell me the hole story about that holy whole. Oooh, stick it in! Mmmh, yeah! I´m just a man as I can, as I can. Just a German from Berlin. We are a family, brother bass and brother drum and brother key - brother guitar how are you. Sister organ, tell me - tell me. I fuck you. We are on a journey through the holy whole. Jesus save our souls.

Brothers and sisters, that was another thing Jesus said to me when I met him. He said to me and promised me that there has come a big big rain right over west-berlin. And if we want to survive, he says we have to build up a big big big bollership. And that´s what we are doing now. But therfore we need some money and therefore I will send down our Referant Stulle with his Klingelbeutel to collect some Silver-Bucks. And if you´ll spend some money you can go with us. Is it OK? I think it´s a good good idea. And we have many Silver-Bucks in the pocket, I said to Jesus. I think it´s the only chance to build up a new humanship. I´m just a german bu, bu, bu, bu, bu, bu, from Berlin.

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