Bollerman emerged 1982 after "alganon", a berlin freerockband, split, with belando belandini and andrew stulle as the founding members. Ügszel yazmen (Guitarist of lutz ulbrich (ashra temple, lüül)) joined bollerman 1983 producing the first 10inch EP with a little help of peter schwertdfeger (producer of malaria) and bommi bommarius (formely drummer of karthargo). Productions and gigs with victor vibrator (guit.) mixing "new german wave" and allstyle improvisations marked the following years, twice a year wuddn joined in on his saxophon. But Bollerman wasn't to stop at that: art projects, i.e. with designers stiletto, gordon monaham and laura kikauka (akademie der künste, berlin '94), tv-shows for open channel berlin (OKB) and the legendary FAB tv live concert (quartier latin) kept everybody busy. The late 90's saw new artists robert ratte, stöpsel, blasebalg, the wonderfull Bert Wax and many others contribute to the ever evolving BOLLERMAN!!!!!

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